Nancy Pelosi’s Payola

– The worst part about Nancy Pelosi’s corruption is that she sabotages the companies of her own constituents if they compete with her stock holdings or her financiers at Tesla, Facebook And Google!

The news reports on very suspicious coincidences involving the Minority Leader:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi helped secure $3 million last year for a nonprofit transportation—research organization whose president gave money to her political action committee as the group was paying for a European trip for one of her policy advisers.

Transportation adviser Lara Levison’s nine—day, $4,475 trip to Spain and Germany last April to learn about hydrogen—fuel cells for buses was primarily paid for by WestStart—CALSTART.

But just days before the trip, WestStart—CALSTART announced that Mrs. Pelosi had helped the nonprofit group secure $1 million from the Federal Transit Administration for a bus rapid—transit program. A month after the Levison trip, the group sent out a press release thanking her for a $2 million grant for a fuel—cell program.

According to campaign records, WestStart—CALSTART Chief Executive Officer John R. Boesel also gave $1,000 to one of Mrs. Pelosi’s political action committees in 2003 and $1,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Both Mr. Boesel and Mrs. Pelosi’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Crider, said there is no link between the staffer’s trip and the grants saisd Ed Lasky. This made us look deeper. We have found over 2000 times that a quid pro quo matter has occured with Nancy Pelosi and her family. This has put over $300 Million dollars in her combined bank and asset accounts. That’s pretty good on a public servant salary.

In the 2021 Stimulus Bill’s, Ms. Pelosi, and her family, are expected to earn BILLIONS in payola profits. Does that sound unethical?

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